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Poster Printing @ King's

Print Your Poster @ King's


King's Library houses a plotter, suitable for printing research posters, banners or any other large-scale. The maximum width of any printing is 44 inches. 

How do I get my poster printed?

  1. Send your file to, as an attachment. PDF and Powerpoint files work best. We cannot print from Canva or Apple documents, so pdf them and send them in that format. (Staff cannot accept files from personal flash drives.)
  2. Include the dimensions of the poster in the email message. This is important, we cannot resize for you as that often requires significant editing. 
  3. Come to the library and pay for the poster at the service desk. Posters cannot be printed until payment is received.  (If the cost of the poster is covered by your professor, please have them contact library staff.                    
  4. Library staff will print your poster and contact you (via email) once complete.

Other important notes:

  • We require 48 hours (or two business days) notice for print jobs.  Jobs submitted for deadlines shorter than this cannot be guaranteed.
  • You are responsible for the formatting and content of your poster.  There will be no free reprints if errors in formatting or typos are discovered post-printing.  Library Staff are not responsible for editing your work or formatting the poster. 
  • Printing can be done from PowerPoint, Publisher or PDF files.  NOTE: You must set the poster size within the program before you begin designing your poster.  We often cannot adjust the poster size once the file has been formatted. Posters created in presentation software (such as Keynote or Prezi) will often not be compatible with our printer, even after converting to .ppt or .pdf files.
  • Please do not send the print jobs in any other programs, if you used something other than PowerPoint or Publisher, please send them as PDFs ensuring that you have set the size correctly. Posters created in presentation software (such as Keynote or Prezi) are not compatible with our printer, even after converting to .ppt or .pdf files.
Printing Prices*
Size (in feet) Price
2 x 3 $24.00   
3 x 4 $48.00   

Please contact us to determine the price for larger posters.  44 inch (the width of the paper roll) is the largest paper size we carry, so the smallest dimension should not exceed this.

*These prices may vary should a poster use excessive colour (ie: dark backgrounds requiring large amounts of ink).



Trim Your Work!

King's Library provides you with a large-scale paper trimmer to crop and trim your poster quickly and easily!


Other Print Options

Other options within the city for getting your print job done.