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Computer Science Research Guide: Find Background Info

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General Encyclopedias & Dictionaries


Milestones in Computer Science and Information Technology QA 76 R434 2003
A Glossary of Netspeak and Textspeak QA 76.15 C79 2004
Encyclopedia of Computers and Computing History QA 76.15 E53 2001
The Dictionary of Multimedia QA 76.15 H32 1998
Multimedia and the Web QA 76.575 D548 1998

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias


What About Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is not generally considered an appropriate source for academic research.

The credibility of the information is often questioned, as anyone is able to edit the pages.

Wikipedia can, however, be used as a starting point.

Check out the video below for more information: "Using Wikipedia for Academic Research"