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Research Tips and Tricks

Finding Scholarly Books

Finding scholarly books can be tricky, but below are some searching tips when searching from the main library database. 


  • From the filter list, select two filters 1) under "Type of Material," choose "eBooks," and 2) under "location" select "The King's University College."
  • Once the list is updated, open a result you are interested in and take a quick peek for in-text citations and reference lists. 
  • If an e-book has in-text citations and reference lists, it is most likely a scholarly book.
  • You can also use the information here to help.
  • Similar tricks will work in other e-book databases, such as the ones found here.

Print Books 

It is more difficult to determine if a print book is scholarly from the search results because you don't have access to the whole book. 

One trick is:

  • Click on the title and look under the notes field, look for something that says, "Includes bibliographical references." If the book has this, there is a good chance that the book is scholarly. If it is not there, that doesn't mean that the book isn't scholarly; it just means the record doesn't include that. 

You will most likely need to look at the book to determine if it is scholarly. Once you have a copy of the book, you can also use the information here to help.

Don't forget that you can borrow any print book, even if it belongs to another library, by placing it on hold.

Borrowing Books from NEOS

Placing a Hold

  • Login to My Account

  • Search for the item you wish to borrow by using the search bar on the library's homepage

  • Click on "Item Info/Place Hold"

  • Click the "Place hold" button beside the item you want to borrow

  • Select "King's University" as your pickup location

  • You'll receive an email when your item arrives - pick it up within 5 days!


  • After two weeks, any item that is borrowed can be requested by another person. When this happens, a recall is issued.

  • Recalled items are given a shorter loan period and notifications will be sent to your King's email. Notifications will also appear in the Checkouts section of My Account.