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Indigenous Research Guide: Treaties

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King's University Treaty Land

The King's University sits on Treaty 6 land. This treaty was signed on August 23 1876 and September 9 1876 between the Crown and Cree, Assiniboine and Ojibwa.

For more information read the encyclopedia entry here

Treaty Map of Canada

A Selection of Treaties

Finding Treaty Texts in the Library

When looking for the text of a treaty try looking up the name of the treaty, or the names of the parties to the treaty as title keywords.

Try for example:

  • Title: Treaty No. 6
  • Title: Treaty 8  Subject: Indians of North America
  • Title: Cree and treaty  Subject: Indians of North America

Locating Treaties Online

A major compilation of early treaties dating from 1680 to 1890 was published in three volumes by the Canadian government between 1901 and 1912. The texts are also available online via the Early Canadiana Online website (link provided below).

Treaties Infographic