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Education Research Guide: Teaching English Language Arts

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About this page

This page introduces some resources for teaching English Language Arts in Alberta schools.

Finding Books

To find curriculum materials, try these subject searches:

  • English Language Composition and Exercises
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Composition and exercises
  • Reading
  • Creative writing
  • Grammar


Try combining your topic with these terms:

  • Problems, exercises, etc.
  • Juvenile literature
  • Juvenile fiction
  • Juvenile poetry
  • Juvenile software
  • Interactive multimedia


Sample searches:


King's also has large collections of novels and graphic novels. 


Graphic Novels

Teaching English Language Arts


Print Books

Edmonton Public Library Resources

You will need an EPL card or an LPass. Click here for information about signing up for an LPass.

More Resources st King's

Story cubes

These can be used in a classroom to help students develop their own stories. 

Here is some more information about how to use them